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Do you want to improve your digital and language skills? Welcome to this MOOC on Personal Language Learning Environment
by Angelos Konstantinidis - Sunday, 2 July 2017, 4:03 PM

This 4 weeks course, “Develop your own personal language learning environment: become an autonomous learner", is addressed to language learners who want to take advantage of the web 2.0 tools for their language learning. You need to be over 18, be willing to learn and meet other language learners, and be at an intermediate level of English, as the course is offered in English. No matter what languages you are learning, you can always find ways to improve it using internet resources to create your personal language learning environment (PLLE). In this course, you will get tips and help to better achieve your language learning goals. The course will focus on helping the participants better manage their use of the internet for learning a language based on open (free) educational initiatives and tools.

The web 2.0 offers many possibilities for learning a language autonomously and for free in a very flexible manner. However, there is a need to develop self-management and digital skills in order to really optimise the language learning process in informal learning environments. In this regard, the course offers a number of activities to help the learners create their PLLE according to their learning needs, preferences and goals in a very interactive way. Each week will be devoted to developing different language, digital and learning skills. The core of the course is based on collaborative learning, encouraging participants to create a community of practice and to support each other during the course. In order to assure the perfect development of the course and to support learners during the four weeks we count on a team of facilitators which will contribute to the community daily, actively participating in every activity to promote participation and give guidance to the learners as well as organising online synchronous events for group discussion activities.

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