Who we are

The three "core" members of the ICT4ALL (Angelos, Dimitra, Christos) initially collaborated on 2012 to meet the needs of an oncoming online course on digital tools in environmental education. We discussed how we could employ our individual competences and different skills to share the workload and the same time reach to a successful educational outcome by joining our knowledge and abilities. The admittedly big success of that course was the main incentive for us to continue our partnership. Since then, we have welcomed and incorporated into the ICT4ALL team several teachers wanting to reach the educational goals we have set for the best possible course delivery.

Bellow you can read more about the experience and personal interests of each member of the ICT4ALL group.

Angelos Konstantinidis

computer science teacher, associate teacher at the University of Nottingham

I have taught computer science courses in Greece in all levels: from the first grade of the primary school to university and adult training. My research interests lie in the areas of online learning, online assessment, online course design, telecollaboration, and recently on MOOCs. [More about me]

Christos Pappos

computer science teacher

I have multitude experience in hardaware and software technical support. In my free time I like to design websites and applications as well as build automated machinery. [More about me]

Dimitra Theodosiadou

primary School teacher, Msc in e-learning: interactive teaching technologies

Through my teaching career I realised that ICT can be adopted to promote student motivation and active participation, trigger their interest and assist their understanding. By running online courses for in-service teachers I aspire to communicate my knowledge on ICT and its constructive use with teachers who have similar interests and educational concerns. [More about me]

Αγορίτσα Παπαχατζή

Agoritsa Papachatzi

english language teacher, MEd Studies in Education, MA TEFL/TESL

I have written various books on teaching English and Greek, and on environmental education. My interest for technology and the use of programs in education has inspired me to attend numerous seminars both in Greece and abroad, offering the chance to experiment with various Web 2.0 tools and to create blogs, wikis, sites, moodle platforms. [More about me]

Ειρήνη Μαρνά

Eirini Marna

kindergarden teacher, drama teacher, MA in Applied Drama

Η προσπάθεια μου να ανακαλύψω τρόπους βιωματικής μάθησης με εφερε σε επαφή με τη χρήση των θεατρικων τεχνικών στην εκπαίδευση. Θεωρώ οτι η μαθηση είναι μια ουσιαστική διαδικασιά που χρειάζεται ο μαθητής να συμμετέχει ψυχο-σωματικά και όχι μόνο εγκεφαλικά. [More about me]

Nikos Papadopoulos

Nikos Papadopoulos

english language teacher

I have been using the web2.0 tools in teaching the English language and in various educational programs extensively. I have noticed that the beneficial effect is the enhancement of the students’ motivation, interest, creativity, cooperation and autonomous learning. Moreover, it is created the feeling that teaching keeps up with the latest trends with which they are familiar. [More about me]

Smaragda Karasimopoulou

primary school teacher, MA in Pedagogy and Creative Learning

Στην δουλειά μου με τα παιδιά της μειονοτικής εκπαίδευσης που ήμουν για 5 χρόνια χρησιμοποίησα με έμφαση τα παραμύθια, την αγωγή υγείας και την εικαστική έκφραση με πληθώρα προγραμμάτων. Συνεργάστηκα με τα παιδικά χωριά ΣΟΣ όπου προσφέρω εθελοντικά εργασία. Έγραψα άρθρα για τις κοινωνικές δεξιότητες και την ανάγκη διδασκαλίας τους ειδικά στα παιδιά που είναι δίγλωσσα και ανήκουν σε ευάλωτες κοινωνικά ομάδες (αθίγγανοι, μειονότητες), αλλά και αρκετά παραμύθια που δημοσιεύτηκαν με αυτά των μαθητών μου στο περιοδικό «Το παραμύθι». [More about me]

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