How do we see the learning process

From the very first moment of our collaboration, we set out four fundamental learning principles based upon which we structure our training courses and the rest of the activities. The principles are:

  • Learning is an expreriential process based on real needs and it is achieved through interaction among students and between students and teachers
  • Productive learning can be cultivated only in a climate of collaboration. We aim to collaborate in all levels (from goalsetting to conducting the courses and activities) and we try to engage our students as much as possible
  • Learning how to learn is always an overarching goal since we want to build autonomous students
  • Autonomy is a fundamental prerequisite for lifelong learning

These principles are the foundation elements of the acronym ICT4ALL: Interactive & Collaborative Teaching for Autonomous & Lifelong Learning.

Last modified: Monday, 2 January 2017, 12:07 PM