Angelos Konstantinidis

I am computer science teacher in Greek state schools and associate teacher in the distance learning masters programme ‘Digital Technologies for Language Teaching’ of the University of Nottingham, where I tutor the 'Telecollaboration in Language Learning' and co-tutor the 'Research Methods for Language Professionals' modules.

As an educator, I perceive my main objectives as two-fold. On the one hand, I help students develop their understanding of ICT and build up valuable skills necessary to nearly any field. On the other hand, I scaffold student critical thinking by providing opportunities that reinforce reflective skills, to help them understand not only how to perform a function, but also justify why they arrived at that solution. Having said that, I try to reconcile these two objectives in my teaching practice instead of considering them separately.

My research interests lie in the areas of online learning, blended learning, online assessment, social media, telecollaboration, and adult training. You can find more info about me at my personal blog:

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