Dimitra Theodosiadou

Hello, I am Dimitra Theodosiadou, graduate of School of Primary Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. I am a K-6 school teacher with 19 years of teaching experience, currently working in the 13 th primary school in Drama where I am also appointed as assistant principal since 2012.

My philosophy as a teacher is to enrich my students’ daily school experience with meaningful working topics, activities that stimulate their interest in learning and promote their interest and social sensitivity on environmental and humanistic issues. Based on my students’ age and interests I organized several collaborative eTwinning projects with teachers and students from other European countries (e.g. a project called “year of languages http://yearoflanguages.blogspot.gr/ ”), and dealt with issues of illiteracy, poverty, social exclusion, children’s rights, and environmental issues such as the honey bee colonies, water cycle and pollution, animal rights, impact of coal mining, sustainable recourses etc.

Wanting to strengthen my knowledge in e-learning I enrolled in the Msc program: “e-learning: interactive teaching technologies”, at the Ulster University and graduated in 2013. My thesis is on the use of e-portfolio by K-6 students and its impact on their learning. You can find it published in the academic Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice

For several years I turned my focus on the use of technology and computing in education. To put it simply, they facilitated my planning and organizing my teaching and motivated my students’ interest in learning. Hence, grabbing the opportunity by their curiosity, I created a webpage about the solar system (http://users.sch.gr/theodim/index.htm ) wanting to teach them the variety of information resources available online and strengthen their English language skills.

Blogging was proved an easy-to- use, motivating and accessible web 2.0 tool for students. Reluctant, slow learners and SEN students have an incentive to try, collaborate and work on their own pace, and see their work published. You may find some of my school blogs (in Greek language) with all-year school activities that served also as an e-portfolio of the class http://schoolactivities2013.blogspot.gr/ (school years 2012-14) and a collaborative project on storytelling http://digitalstorieslive.blogspot.gr/ (school year 2015-16)

Web 2.0 tools can support a teacher’s work on collecting teaching resources, publishing students’ work, promoting collaboration and innovative activities in the classroom. Digital bulletin boards such as Padlet are perfect for the job. As an example you may see the Padlet wall about the famous Eratosthenes experiment https://padlet.com/dimitra13sch/eratosthenes, students’ thoughts on underlying concepts derived from a popular fairy tale https://padlet.com/dimitra13sch/3littlepigs and the board where currently the fourth graders upload their collaborative digital stories on Storyboardthat, Storybird and Utellstory (school year 2016-17) https://padlet.com/dimitra13sch/d1stories

As mentioned by my fellow partners, Angelos and Chris, over the last four years, we worked together on several seminars for in-service teachers and we published our work on academic journals and conferences. We decided to name our team as ICT4ALL group declaring our philosophy and predisposition towards Interactive and Collaborative Teaching For Autonomous and Lifelong Learning (ICT4ALL). In 2016, in collaboration with the Center of Environmental Education of Vistonida, Greece, we run a new blended learning course for teachers named: “Digital storytelling- A multi- dimensional tool for learning” which lasted 4 weeks. The web 2.0 tools Storyboardthat, Utellstory, Storybird and Padlet were taught to participants while emphasis was given on how these tools can enhance learning experience and understanding in multiple ways in classroom settings. Participants’ contributions can be found here: https://padlet.com/dimitra13sch/storytellingtools

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