Agoritsa Papachatzi

My BA in English Language and Literature (from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) was followed by an MA in English as a Second / Foreign Language from the University of Birmingham, UK and an MEd, Studies in Education from the Hellenic Open University, Greece. I have been teaching English since 1990, and I have been appointed as an English teacher at high schools at different places in Northern Greece. I have also taught ICT, Greek as a foreign language and environmental education (at the Environmental Education Centre of Paranesti).

For many years I have been teaching adults and I must admit that adult education has offered me a lot as an educator and as a person in a “transformative” way to use one of its terms! When teaching adults, the interaction that takes place, the exchange of ideas, the “learning by doing”, the utilization of their life experiences enrich the learning process and contribute to the personal and professional development of both teacher and student. For the past three years I have been at the administration of Second Chance Schools (for adults) as a director/deputy director. I work in a team, I teach and I learn at the same time, and I never stop animating, supporting, guiding, facilitating the process of learning and achieving goals for the adult students.

I have written various books on teaching English and Greek, and on environmental education. My interest for technology and the use of programs in education has inspired me to attend numerous seminars both in Greece and abroad, offering the chance to experiment with various Web 2.0 tools and to create blogs, wikis, sites, moodle platforms.

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